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Re: 2013 NHL Season - Welcome Back Hockey

Was last night one of the best night's in the entire season so far? You had great games in Vancouver and LA, a puck to the face in New York (Which I'm not celebrating by the way as I saw it and it looked absolutely cringeworthy), Minnesota almost making a comeback before Patrick Kane (Early favorite for the Hart Trophy in my opinion) put a stop to that, and a Montreal Canadian going backwards somersault into the Islander bench. It was such an entertaining and crazy night in the NHL last night and it was one of those nights where you're glad you had something like Gamecenter Live.

I don't see this Blackhawks streak slowing down anytime soon unless they just have a bad night. Even on the bad nights you have players like Kane or Saad leading the comeback. There's absolutely no fear in this team right now and that is scary for the rest of the league.
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