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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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You don't want too much Star Wars in the public eye and consciousness at any random given moment or else the brand will start to wear thin. Look at Trek. Four whole TV series, six big-budget theatrical films and countless other offshoot projects in the space of just 18 years and it got to the point where even Paramount thought it was time to put the franchise down for a while.
I thought Trek got a rest becuase the last show tanked in the ratings and Nemesis sucked. Not to mention ratings that were gradually declining around the end of TNG and movies that felt like two hour episodes.

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The Season 5 finale of The Clone Wars aired this morning on Cartoon Network and while most fans are convinced the show will get greenlit for a Season 6 there are still some who feel that the plug will get pulled due to recent declining ratings and interest in the series as well as the Disney takeover.

Lucas once said his main goals with the animated show were to tell some great stories and make 100 episodes, and since he's accomplished both over the last five years it really won't be any shock to many fans if Lucasfilm and CN come to some sort of agreement to cease production. That said, there are still quite a few loose story ends to tie up as well as the act of connecting the series to the events of Episode III to provide closure so most of us are predicting we'll get one more season and that'll be all she wrote.
Except season 6 has already been confirmed.
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