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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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^^Well... she IS a child of the late 20th century. No way she could avoid Star Trek in its many incarnations.
Interesting thing to think about - do they have tv/movies in Storybrooke? They have a library, are the books only ones they were available in the magical realm or are their normal-realm books, and if so could the fairytale characters read books about themselves?
I think the Storybrookers were aware of the fairy tales, even when they were cursed, which is why they didn't take Henry's crazy theories seriously--because he was talking about famous storybook characters that everybody knew weren't real.

Note that we never heard a conversation like this:

"He's thinks you're Snow White."

Hm true. I wonder in that case whether the original authors were either:

a) residents of the magical realm trapped in our world who used their home and people from it as basis for their stories

b) people from our world who journeyed into the magical realm, or had some link to it.

Unless in this world the book August wrote is the only source of fairytales.
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