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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Book One - Chapter two

Finding a niche.

Day Two.

Flying to Vegas was the easy part, getting out of Vegas cost me a hundred credits in the slot machines, plus a car rental.

The Nellis Starfleet Depot was one of the largest salvage and equipment storage facility in North America. It has been so for hundreds of years.

Their museum alone covered hundreds of acres. Most of the material on site was dated from the Eugenic Wars.

The more modern storage facilities were for surplus aircraft, both military, and civilian.

There were space shuttles and runabout craft, some launch assist vehicles, plus the gigantic parts storage warehouses, where parts were stripped off of recycled craft.

Because of the recent wars the newly salvaged materials recovered, is from those battle damaged, and destroyed, star craft.

Most of the ships, and materials, that I helped recover after the battle at Wolf 359, of the Borg intrusion, was now being utilized in the fleet.

The recent Dominion War recovered ships, and materials, mostly went to Mars station Sol III.

Some of the large pieces were stored with the reserve fleet, waiting to be picked over.

At the depot I met Chuck Norstad, the chief civilian in charge. We talked a little bit about old times.

He had already received orders from Star Fleet Engineer Headquarters about my mission. He then showed me to my cubby hole of an office, directed me to the bachelorís officer quarters, where I would lodge and where I would stow my bags.

In the old days I used to stay in Vegas, and commute, with a nice per diem allowance, but now I had a real job and had to pay my own way.

The first thing I did in my quarters was call and ask Fleet headquarters for a crew call, on the open net, for personnel willing to crew the old Grayson Tender.

I needed at least twenty five people qualified for recovery operations, and the manning of the ship to Bajor. They were to act as instructors, and over seers.

Retired personnel were welcome.

I didnít expect a big rush to my door, especially if they took the time to read the fine print on this deal.

Three years in an old buoy tender with about as much accommodation as a moon shuttle was not a choice assignment.

I also put out a call to a couple of people who worked with me on the old Sedan, the Cle Dan Class VI repair tender that I was in command of, for the Wolf 359 recovery mission.

Ron Thornton was a great recovery operations man, and Pete Murray, along with Donald Murdoch were the best warp engine engineers that I knew, and served with.

I knew they retired lately and if they werenít pushing freight, like I was, I hoped that they could give me a call.

I then checked with Norstadsí office for the requirements of re-commissioning the Grayson, and if supplies were available on site.

I figured the Starfleet budget set for Bajor was strictly to be within the 'bone yard' only, capability.

That meant used, and or obsolete, but serviceable equipment only. Any upgrades had to come from what we could salvage on site, like replicators.

The Grayson had none; it was strictly food packs, or re-sequencers, from station to station.

I also had to see if they had a serviceable shuttle craft to get my crew to the Reserve fleet site.

The Grayson was supposed to carry eighteen shuttle craft, probably the old Mark 12B models.

I also needed Work bees, with grabber sleds, that were used for retrieving the beacons for repair.

With a shipís cargo capacity of 250 space cargo units (SCUs), one half of the work bees would have to have cargo train attachments for up to eight SCUs.

So to start with I figured Iíd have acquire two Type 9A Cargo shuttles, more if I could get them, to accommodate my crew.

Theyíd have fold down seats in them, to get all the crew to the reserve fleet station.

Dam! I donít think they would like it traveling in a shuttle with only emergency ration packs. I was starting to get one of my first headaches.

Next I sent my wish list to Depot headquarters. I could imagine what they were saying about the extra help they will need to get all this stuff up and running, and then get it up to a ship.

My eyes were starting to bug out from looking at computer screens so I signed off, took the base shuttle over to my quarters, at the BOQ, and then walked down to the base club for dinner, and a drink. Man I was starved; I had nothing but a coffee and a bagel all day.

When I got back to the BOQ, I was beat. Tomorrow was a new day, and with it with a fresh outlook.

I just wished I could switch off my head as simple as turning off the computer, no such luck.

Welcome to management.
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