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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

Timby wrote: View Post
Original team members have worked on it. Will Wright was impressed by it.
Will Wright's last game was Spore, the very definition of an awesome concept that was crippled by its attempts at mass appeal. Will Wright made some great games throughout his career, but I can't say that I implicitly trust his more recent opinions on game design.

billcosby wrote: View Post
Unreal. I can never understand why subsequent new iterations of games actually remove previously enjoyed options and add annoyances.
Sometimes removing features and adding restrictions works. I would argue that it worked for Civilization 5 for the most part, although I'm sure some Civilization 4 fans would disagree. But the scale of what they've pared down in this new SimCity is just too much for me.

billcosby wrote: View Post
Fuck this forced internet connection shit. Are game developers really thinking consumers will take it up the ass like this? I thought after the Diablo III backlash they might have learned.
Diablo III broke sales records and is the fastest-selling PC game in history. So yes, most gamers will take it up the ass, those of us that care about the way these companies treat customers are in the minority. Always-online DRM is here to stay for as long as people keep buying those games.
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