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To be honest, what bothers me more than the lack of women is the over abundance of white people. Aside from the Uhura and Sulu, Captain Robau and a nameless Vulcan with no dialogue were the only non-white characters in Trek XI (excluding the Orion girl, who was played by a white actress anyway)
You're forgetting Tyler Perry as the Academy commandant. Plus quite a few nonwhite or mixed-race supporting players -- the Kelvin helmswoman, the alien doctor who delivered baby Jim, the pilot of the medevac shuttle, various Academy cadets and staff, the cameo by Captain Chandra at Kirk's hearing, etc.

and I can't think of any in STID.
You're forgetting Noel Clarke and Nazneen Contractor as the London couple that Harrison approaches in the teaser footage. And looking over the cast list on IMDb, I see quite a few nonwhite actors listed as supporting or bit players in this film, just as in the last.

In fact, if rumours pan out (and I emphasize if and rumours) than STID has cast a white guy to play an Indian character originally portrayed by a Latino actor.
Which is one of the main reasons why I don't find those rumors credible.
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