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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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Classy. I know she's not a 19-year-old codger anymore, but still....
Precisely.. it's been more than 30 yeas and people change. I'm really looking forward to these movies now that the original crew is back together and am really curious how they will write them given the age.

They will of course not run down a unit of Stormtroopers (or maybe Han will.. he never struck me as a guy who'd let something like age keep him from doing impulsive stuff) or swing across chasms by hanging onto a cable.

The entire movie will depend on the casting of the new generation who'll take up the action part and i really hope they get some good ones.. Jennifer Lawrence for Jaina Solo!

One thing that really puts me in a good mood is that Lucas will be nowhere near the script or the director's chair.. i love and respect him for starting the whole universe and having a huge imagination but he's really not a good writer and director.

So let's keep our fingers crossed, forget the second trilogy and just cheer as loudly as we can when the crawl begins!
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