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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

This is why i rarely am a first adopter of anything.

Nowadays you are the final beta tester of a game because companies know that they can distribute bug fixes very easily over the internet so they'd rather risk some annoyed fans than miss a deadline and much needed revenue.

This always on DRM method seems to also have gotten quite popular and the introduction of social aspects (controlled over company servers of course) is also a kind of copy protection no matter how much they want you to believe otherwise.

In the end i don't have such a big problem with forced internet connection (everybody i know has an internet broadband flatrate that's always active even if the computer is shut down) or social aspects of a game because that's the development since the inception of social sites.

BUT i have a problem when the company doesn't provide their part of the bargain, i.e. providing stable servers so i can actually play and providing means to play their game without the social component for people who are just not interested to be forced to play with others (such as me).

These are both technical and game design problems (in the case of SimCity.. you will be shit out of luck apparently if you are stuck in a region with some people who are just not interested in the regional great work and don't pitch in) that need to be solved before the game even begins to interest me.

Sadly that's not the case with this SimCity.. i'll wait a few weeks to see what people are saying then and will decide after that if i'll buy the game.
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