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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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Add to that the fact that you cannot save in a single player game (huh??) and the fact that you need an internet connection and EA's servers to be up to play the game and that pretty much guarantees I won't buy this pile of crap. I was waiting to see if EA could return to form and release something better than the Cities XL games but they appear to have failed on all fronts.

Fuck you EA for taking a steaming dump all yet over another game.
Unreal. I can never understand why subsequent new iterations of games actually remove previously enjoyed options and add annoyances.
Fuck this forced internet connection shit. Are game developers really thinking consumers will take it up the ass like this? I thought after the Diablo III backlash they might have learned.

Sorry to hear the newest version of this classic is so lame. I remember playing VGA graphics SimCity on a Tandy 1000 in the 1990s. It was rock solid and we didn't have to connect to shit [56k modem dials up]. I never tried any SimCity games beyond SimCity 2000. Did they really improve? I remember seeing the "future" graphics pack add-on for the original and it blew my mind.
Sim City 4 Deluxe is a great, engrossing, sim-city game. It's still brings me enjoyment (also get the NAM, third party add on which allows you to adjust aspects of the transportation system (how much Sims rely on certain types of transportation, how far they're willing to walk to transit stations, how much they pay at these places.) I'd STILL recommend getting it.

I've still not been able to play this one, when I finally got into a city lot I, for some reason couldn't build or do anything. When I tried the tutorial I got put into a city with no instructions from the tutorial and all of the UI aspects ghosted out.

This game, for me, so far is a disappointment and I haven't even begun building anything -because I can't! and I struggled to even get to play it. I hate this cloud computing notion.

I'll keep giving it a try, there might be something to enjoy here, but, damn, Sim City 4 is just utterly engrossing simply in just building a transit network alone.
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