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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

Didn't get past the second sentence:

Some Lame-o wrote:
The first 15 seconds of beautiful effects of the USS Kelvin in space, include some nice communication chatter that includes “gravitational” readings going crazy and “it” looks like a lightning storm. First, lightning storms do not cause gravitational anything so crazy readings are not what “looks” like a lightning storm, at all.
Is that about the standard? The actual line is "Our gravitational readings are going crazy - you should see this. It looks like a lightning storm." There's no indication that the person speaking believes that "it" looks like a lightning storm because of the readings. Rather, they think it looks like a lightning storm because it, y'know, looks like a lightning storm, and by the way, their gravitational readings are going cray-cray, WTF is this thing anyway?

And yeah, lightning storms don't cause "crazy" gravitational readings. This thing does, though, and it looks like a lightning storm. Which is different from it being a lightning storm. And saying that it "looks like" a lightning storm is different from saying that it appears to be a lightning storm.

Those two sentences are about all I need. Whoever wrote that crap collected their ticket, bought their popcorn and took their seat all with a sneer on their face, eagerly anticipating their own hatred of the film. And surprise, surprise - they got what they wanted.
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