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Re: The Constellation's registry number

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How about:XX00 = Prototype/Testbed for XXth series of Starship (Often placed into service after testing is complete); XX01 = First production model.
It's possible. Then again we do have NCC-2000 USS Excelsior. The lead ship of the Excelsior Class, IIRC.
Which started out as a testbed/prototype for a new class of ship equipped with "TransWarp" drive. I don't think its ever been said on screen, but its been speculated that her original registry - NX-2000 - was an indication of her eXperimental status. NCC-1700 could have initially been NX-1700 and was later commissioned as NCC-1700 after NCC-1701 had been launched.
Sure, but being the experimental ship didn't change the Excelsior from being the lead ship and having the class name. The existence of NX/NCC-1700 would've made that ship the lead ship making 1701 the second ship.
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