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I can appreciate that there are going to be those that don't like certain aspects of the DLC - it's cheesy in places, the plot has a few goofy points, but for me, personally, this was almost perfect DLC.

BW Montreal will be picking up development of ME4, if this was BW Edmonton's final hurrah with ME, then bravo, take a bow, you've done yourselves proud.

My only regret, is not with this DLC per se, but that it shows what BW are capable of when they're given the time to do something right. EA, FFS, just leave them to it for Christ's sake.

This poses an interesting quandary for me now. I loathed the ending, and I'm really not digging the idea of no more Shepard, Garrus, Joker, the Normandy etc, but then, if BW could recapture this kind of form in the next game.....AAARGH!
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