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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Go Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to the Mutant Massacre.

Kitty was trapped in ghost form.

Stuck, but fortunately not starving to death.

(Which would have been funny)

Cue the Fantastic Four vs. Avengers Miniseries when the X-Men hand over Kitty to Reed Richards in the hopes that he can fix her. He can't. Reed is stumped. So he rings up Doom transatlantically and asks for a solid, who can't help but seize the opportunity to prove that his intellect is so much more massive than the so called Mr. Fantastic.

(Seriously? I hear people call Sue "Mrs Fantastic" more often than anyone ever calls Richards: Mr Fantastic.)

Doom and Kitty developed a relationship.

Doctor/Patient... Friends?


Doom cured her and that put a soft spot in her heart for him.

In recovery, the X-Men die (fall of the Mutants) and she goes to live in England with Excalibur.

Cue Excalibur 37 or 38, where Doom tries to conquer Limbo, but before he does the back stabbing scorpion thing, Kitty lets him into their Lighthouse homebase past security and gives the despot a big hug calling him "Uncle Doom".

Some asshole saves your life, and it generates a peachy blindspot.

In season two of House, (a blond) Leighton Meister from Gossip Girl (The Brunette with the Jackie O fetish.) gets a wiggy psychological disease that makes her super horny whereafter the 15 year old child offers her virginity(?) to House... I thought that was hilarious and water under the bridge, but yesterday I saw a movie called "The Oranges" where a 29 year old Meister is reverseMrs-Robinsonning Hugh Laurie during a series of passionate and intimate PDAs, some seduction secens and at least one sex scene where you don't see anything.

Lots of tongue.

If there's a psychological situation (transference?) where a patient can't help but develop loving feelings for their Doctor, is Blair Waldorf and Greg House any more less likely a hook up than Victor Von Doom and Kitty Pryde bonding platonically?

Now in your head all you're thinking is "Hugh Laurie as Doctor Doom? Wow. That'd be so cool. How do I make that happen?"
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