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Re: Home Theater in a Box or not...

Eh, personally i'd get different components so you're not stuck with the same setup down the road. Usually the receiver in that set isn't real special.

To make it somewhat easier, you can usually find a speaker system similar to the HTIB setups for a decent price (I found a Sony set a while back I like), and then buy the receiver and blu-ray player seperate.

You'll end up with a lot better receiver, and the blu-ray player isn't tied into it if you need to upgrade in a couple years, want one with more (new) internet connectivity, etc.

Then again, if it's not a huge setup and you just want to watch TV (and aren't an audiophile), the HTIB setup will be a bit cheaper, and no thinking about it. Check out, that's where the old A/V nerds go to geek out on this stuff, and it has everything you need.
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