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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

I hate to be critical, but what we see here is the easy part. The hard part is getting the characters right. And we don't see any of that, here.

Those vague tiny featureless renders of Kirk, Spock, and some red shirt dwarfed by the Big Alien Things don't count.

Furthermore, the unrealistic proportions of the characters that we can discern don't impress me at all; quite the opposite, actually. I can only hope that the character drawings here are thumbnail placeholders in lieu of actual character drawings to be inserted once it's figured out exactly how to draw them (e.g., regard a faceless Spock).

Unfortunately, in Green Lantern, the character style is to render people with exaggerated proportions, and these sketches seem to suggest that the treatment might go in that direction, too. That sort of character style works in GL, but I have grave doubts about it working in Star Trek.

Consequently, I'm unimpressed, and actually concerned.
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