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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I’m not sure this is strictly speaking a British thing.
Oh, it most definitely isn't. It's just something I never noticed as much before when British teams were involved. So it seemed a bit new.

Although... I do remember Ferguson and his stupid, stupid, stupid "Typical Germans" comment (which if I recall correctly was aimed at... Ribery and Robben ). So there's that.

I love Conte's irony by the way. Asked whether he could imagine Lennon in Serie A he replied: "Yes, he's a very capable manager and he has learned to blame refs for defeats. He would fit right in Serie A."

Plenty of managers/clubs/fans blame officials for the decisions that cost games. Me I figure most of the time it evens out in the end, swings and roundabouts as they say.
Yeah, that's my take on it, too. I also don't see conspiracies everywhere (which makes me an untypical Italian football fan I guess. )

it's just Jax
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