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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Man Utd 1-2 UEFA
Debatable. Is it some new British thing to blame international football bodies whenever they fail to win a game?
I'm honestly wondering because I found Celtic's whining and moaning after the match against Juventus so fucking bizarre.

These guys didn't manage to create a single good chance from open play in 90 minutes. They were tactically and technically utter rubbish. All they did was run a lot. Brainless. So they lose 0-3.

And then go on to blame the referee for not giving penalties during corner kicks. What did they expect? They bullied their way through the group stages by having their attackers foul opposing goalkeepers during corner kicks. Now Conte told Lichtsteiner to always stand between Hooper and Buffon and Lennon cries foul and whines and moans and cries and... generally makes Celtic look like sore losers.

/rant off

I used to really like Celtic. Now I think they're pathetic. When you can't score a goal from open play and concede 3... how about you just shut up?

Did this referee and federation bashing thing start when FIFA screwed you over back when it gave the WC to Qatar?
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