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Re: Barnes & Noble Reducing Orders of New Trek Books?

When I asked a B&N employee over the phone if the one new Trek book per store was because of "this thing" between them and S&S, I was told an emphatic "no." They don't even have the courtesy to be truthful to the customer about negotiating over more money.

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You'll end up spending the $5 in phone calls and petrol.
That is not a issue. The nearest B&N is just a few minutes away. Besides, gas is going to get used up either way.

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Do you not have any department stores with book departments? Apart from the B&N/S&S feud, any bookshop should be able to order any book by ISBN.
There are no more book stores besides B&N. At least around here. I was under the impression that B&N was the only chain of book store that remained in the country.

And department stores never sold books here. Walmart used to carry them and that's where I went to buy them, but they stopped carrying them at least eight years ago.

B&N is literally it, which is what is so frustrating about this. I've never had to pre-order, which I guess is besides the point here since B&N will not do it for Trek books because of this feud. I've always been able to pretty much walk into a book store and get what I want. You'd think B&N would keep the same amount of books on the shelves during these negotiations, but all this will do is drive people to online.

And since I apparently don't buy enough from Amazon right now, I still have to pay S&H. Which makes that book $13 for now. And I'm not a part of the B&N membership and probably won't be after this because why bother if it's going to be such a hassle to even locate the book that I want?
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