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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I think you're reading a different DCU than I am. You should, though, check out Wonder Woman's solo book. It's great.
I read the first six issues. It was garbage, especially the art (the greek gods have never looked stupider). The story isn't the worst of the New 52, but it was bad. I also HATE the "Wonder Woman is from an island, so she gets confused about the real world" stuff, and lets not forget her making Klingon's look like teletubbies. There have been much worse runs, but the current one is pretty worthless. I have read a lot of the new 52 books for atleast a few issues, and most of it is bad. I don't hate everything I don't read, but everything I don't read or hate is just garbage. Some had potential (JL Dark might have kept my attention if it didn't get boring, and make Zatanna into a stripper) but it didn't live up to it. Some were just offensively bad (like Teen Titans and Red Hood and The Outlaws, which I actually stayed with out of curiosity much longer than I should have). Overall, DC is easily putting out the worst mainstream comics ever right now. The old DC had bad stuff, like all companies do. But, the bad stuff they are putting out now is beating even the worst of the old stuff. Well, ok, nobody beats All Star Batman as worst Batman, but I've always though Miller's Batman stories were horrible anyway, so it would be unfair to compare even Snyder's bad stuff to the things Frank miller has turned out, especially in recent years.
Interesting that you feel that way because I've been drawn more to the New 52 and have almost completely abandoned Marvel. This change was happening before the reboots. Marvel was losing my interest after Dark Reign/Siege concluded with the half-ass Fear Itself and other major events that just didn't grab my interest.

I read a good swath of the New 52 at first and while I've stopped reading most of those books, that is in part to financial and space issues, more so than lack of interest. I like the new Wonder Woman book. I think the take on the Greek gods is different, creative. Something that I've never seen before. I'm not completely on board with the take on Wonder Woman, however I can't say that the books are not compelling and if I had the time/space/money I would continue reading to see where it was all going.

Though I do agree with you that some of the New 52 books aren't good. I couldn't get into the artwork or stories for Teen Titans or Red Hood. The Flash has been boring to me. I think Superman, up until the H'el arc at least, hasn't been a satisfying reading experience. I didn't like the disconnect in time between Action and Superman. A little Grant Morrison goes a long way and his Action lost my interest. I thought the Superman book was hampered by whatever Morrison was cooking up in Action.

Overall I think Green Lantern, Aquaman, Batman, Batwing, Batwoman, Batman & Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Suicide Squad, I Vampire, Green Lantern Corps have largely been enjoyable (the one's I've read anyway). Also the first arc of Animal Man made me interested in a character I had zero interest in prior. I also liked the first Demon Knights arc. And Jeff Lemire seems to have a good thing going with Green Arrow now, at least from what I could tell from #17.
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