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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

Lance wrote:
Harve Bennett has gone on record as saying it was never his intention, and the subtext in STIII is self- evidently that the Excelsior is supposed to be seen as the brash, bold new Starfleet ship whose overpowering arrogance is toppled by good ol' underdog Enterprise. All the bluster about "The Great Experiment" is just setting up the punchline of it failing to even clear Starbase, and despite Gene's fears it wouldn't surprise me if Bennett always intended for 1701-A to turn up at the end of the next movie, even as he was writing the death of her predecessor.
I thought Harve Bennett told DC comics that the plan was to give Kirk and crew the Excelsior, hence that being the case for their entire run of comics between STIII and IV.
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