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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

The Quest pt 1 and 2: That was a rather classic tale with an ending full of suspense.

I liked the random transporting to new planets. It's reminding me of some scene in some other show where people are rapidly moved through places which change suddenly, some of them very inhospitable. Can't quite recall what it is, unless I'm just inflating All Our Yesterdays and the changing scenes in the portal.

I like Morena Baccarin looking like a WoW chick. Way to go on the old school shoulders Morena!

I liked the dragon, I really very much like dragons which means I can forgive their inclusion in anything.

I'm pretty sure it was Sanctuary that had the most embarrassing dragons ever (correct me if I'm wrong) but I forgave them.

Nicely done too.

All the riddle stuff was incredibly silly though I guess it's in keeping with the myths and stories and ideals these ancients were spewing into humanity's history.

Morena really is lovely to look at, quite other worldly at times, though not exactly a riveting actor. Still, not complaining

Also SO SAD they had to go and kill Baal.. but there are plenty more!

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