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Re: A Good Day to Die Hard (aka DH5): Grade, Review, Discuss---SPOILER

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Getting into terrorist trouble by accident for the sixth fucking time? No.
Bit late to worry about franchise-wide credibility, innit?

I don't care if the setup is contrived/wildly coincidental. I'd far rather have an absurd setup that jumps right into a first-rate story than something like the last two movies, whose plots seem downright sheepish about justifying their own existence.
I will give the 5th one very minor props for at least trying to return to the wrong guy/wrong place/wrong time idea, even if it handled it horribly.

With regard to McClane getting into terrorist trouble by accident, I think the third film should be the template to go with, because McClane doesn't get involved by accident, his involvement is entirely part of a carefully orchestrated plot. Ok I'm pretty sure Simon didn't expect it to pan out like it did, but still nothing accidental about John boy's presense.
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