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Re: Uh-Oh!! Is Microsoft setting up to answer Sony?

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Wii was such a smash hit because of the motion controllers.. have you ever been in a room full of mid 20s and mid 30s people who are having a blast while bowling on a console? That was an eye opener for me and told me that with true mainstream gaming you need innovative ideas to engage people and i believe MS has the upper hand in that with their Kinect system (though Sony tried to catch up).
I agree totally. The Wii's control scheme was obviously its main selling point and Nintendo screwed up by trying to replace that with a large touch screen which doesn't seem to be captivaating people in the same way. Sony has the move but it has always been the "other" controller. By not bundling it with the system and making it the focus it probably wont have the developer support or mass market awareness to really make the PS3 or 4 stand out.

I think MS has a huge opportunity to bundle the next generation Kinect with all new Xbox and drive the perception of a "new" way to play games. Not one that appeals to me all that much. but one that could make the Xbox the Wii of this generation.
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