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Re: Doctor Who in the Star Trek universe

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No, they really aren't part of Who canon. In those movies, Cushing plays a character actually named "Doctor Who" who is actually a human inventor.
You mean, they're not in continuity with the tv series. Well, I wouldn't refute that. But they're part of the "canon", as in they're part of the body of work that resides under the title of "Doctor Who". Otherwise, as others have said, there is no concept of an officially sanctioned canon in Doctor Who - and in a show that actively embraces alternate timelines, parallel universes and rewrites history at the drop of a hat, there can't be really. The Cushing movies are as much a part of this huge story as anything else. Your arguments are spurious to say the least, especially since the tv series itself and many of the comic strips have named the character "Doctor Who" on occasion - it's just a pseudonym after all as is "the Doctor". And there's no point in either of the films where Doctor Who is expressly identified as a human being, rather than a human-seeming alien living on Earth, as was the tv Doctor. The tv series itself had barely established that the Doctor was alien at this point.
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