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Re: Data and killing

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He wasn't shocked at what HE had done. He was shocked by what the weapon did, because he'd never seen it work before on someone. He pointed out shortly after that he had no remorse about it nor any repulsion from doing similar again if he didn't get what he wanted
From the script...


Fajo holds the disruptor on Varria... they look at each
other... he sighs, shrugs, fires. She screams a
horrible scream... slowly DEMATERIALIZES... the scream
echoes after she's gone. Data is stunned. Stares at
Fajo. Fajo himself is a little shaken by what he's

This is your fault. You knew the
price for disobedience. And so
did she.

Fajo tosses his weapon away, repulsed by the violence
he has committed... trying to walk away from it.
Calming himself down. Nods to himself. Yes, it was
the right thing to do.

Well, there's always another

It's quite clear that Fajo is shocked by his own actions, not how the weapon worked.

And every method you've suggested has been put down or can be. Control panel? You've seen TNG before right? You're aware that voice activated technology exists? None of us know what level of control he still has. So throwing cargo containers at a guy who even has his own forcefield is ludicrous

Ok, wtf. "Computer... Activate a maximum strength containment field around Data"
And in the second or so that it takes you to say that, Data would be able to pick up some lose bit of equipment and throw it at Fajo's head to knock him unconscious.

Data's reflexes are certainly fast enough.

Throwing furniture at the guy? That's you're big master plan for sparing the life of a murderer who is still a threat? The man has a forcefield of unknown design around him, & is standing aboard a 24th century ship he commands, full of crew who fear him. Seriously, you explain to me how that guy is helpless in the single moment Data has to stop him
Actually, it isn't a forcefield. Fajo describes it as, "It's a proximity-actuated field that impedes positron flow. Not good for your brainpaths in the long term." So if Data picks up a container or something and throws it, it will hit Fajo just fine.

Edit: Oh I forgot the point about non-lethal disruptor use. I'm not thinking your plan of firing an energy beam at the bulkheads beneath his feet like bullets in the dirt from a pistol, in some old western is such a good idea aboard a space ship
Why not? Guinan once fired an energy weapon at the ceiling in Ten Forward. And there have been lots of other times people have fired energy weapons at bulkheads on ships.
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