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Re: Doctor Who in the Star Trek universe

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No, they really aren't part of Who canon. In those movies, Cushing plays a character actually named "Doctor Who" who is actually a human inventor.
I gather there's a theory in one of the tie-ins that the movies represent a fictionalized version of the Doctor's adventures written by, I think, Barbara after returning to the 1960s.
There's a bunch of different theories and explanations as to how the Cushing films may fit in.

The Human Nature novel (in bits given to Cornell by Steven Moffat) hints that someone who just might be the Cushing Doctor (although not exactly as the fictional story John Smith writes has him living in Victorian times) founded Gallifrey and might have been "the Other."

In recent years, there's been quite a few people who have suggested he's an older version of the human-aging Tenth Doctor in Pete's World after he's lost his memory and that Suzie Who's grandmother is actually Rose.

Or it may just been an universe slightly to the left of the regular one.

Besides, Doctor Who doesn't even have an official canon like Paramount and Lucasfilm has. The BBC couldn't give a fuck about things like that and the people who have made the show from 2005+ onwards have taken the same attitude about the Cushing films as they have about the classic series, the novels, the audios, everything; take what they want, ignore what they don't (hence the Cushing-esque ear-lamps on the RTD and New Paradigm Daleks and the looks brand new, St. John's sticker and all TARDIS of the Matt Smith era).
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