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New Blood, Part 12

The sound of the blast and the shockwave drove Charles Lefler practically out of his bunk.

"It's just another controlled detonation, honey." Morgan said, from her own bunk, not even opening her eyes.

"How are you so calm with all of these explosions going off?" Charles said, sitting up in bed.

"You forget I did my internship at the Explosive Hazards Laboratory at the Mojave Installation." Morgan replied, "I became quite accustomed to hearing things go boom."

It was just then that Senior Chief Faapele lumbered into their shelter. The big Hawaiian said, "Nothing to worry about, just an some old Breen explosives we uncovered and blasted in place near Number Two Transformer Station."

"I thought most of the old Breen munitions you discovered yesterday were destroyed already." Charles said.

"The ones near the plant itself, yes. But that was the remnant of a Breen Type 4 Cluster Munition." Faapele replied.

"Are those the kind that spread bomblets of varying sizes over 100 kilometer boxes?" Morgan asked.

"Why yes. And have up to a 30 percent failure to detonate rate, not to mention other submunitions that are intended to serve as mines or explosive booby traps." Faapele replied, "You know your explosives, Dr. Lefler."

"I interned at the Explosive Hazards Laboratory a few years ago." Morgan replied.

"Oh, where things are always going bang." Faapele replied, "I would've asked if you were a former EOD operative or a combat engineer."

"No on both counts." Morgan replied.

"Could've fooled me." Faapele said.

"So when can we get back to work?" Morgan replied, since the Breen cluster munitions had been discovered she and Charles had gone back to the prefabricated shelter she shared with her husband and a handful of Cardassian and Federation civilian scientists and engineers.

"The guys estimate in the next two to four hours." Faapele said, "We still have some more scans and examination to do."

"Say no more." Morgan replied as Faapele lumbered back out of the shelter.


"Predictable." Robin said to herself as she read the communique from her mother.

"Be on your best behavior, you." Robin remarked to Goliath as she pet the large Malamute's head, "We've got company tonight."

She glanced at the wall chronometer, since she'd finished her shift in OPS she noticed Carl was still in that meeting with Colonel Kira.

Thankfully she had the replicator programmed for dinner for their guests.

She set the table up, just to get a jump on their plan when she heard the door chime go off.

"Come in." Robin said.

The door opened to reveal Dr. Crusher. She walked in and Robin said, "Good evening. You're early, Dr. Crusher."

Beverly was carrying a bottle in her hands and smiled, "I thought I'd come a little early to drop of you and Carl's housewarming gift."

"Thank you." Robin smiled, taking the bottle from Beverly.

"Bajoran Spring Wine." Beverly replied, "A couple of my Bajoran corpsmen recommended this particular vintage."

Robin turned the bottle over and said, "I've heard of the Kendra Valley Reserve, and that 2320 was an especially good year."

"It was a rare bumper crop during the Cardassian occupation. A reserve of that crop was discovered recently." Beverly replied.

Robin placed the bottle on the shelf and said, "I think it'll go well with dinner."

"So what's on the menu?" Beverly asked.

"Woo woo woo woo woo...." Goliath chimed into the conversation.

"Flank steak and tostones." Robin replied, and at Beverly's quizzical look she said, "Fried plantain chips."

"Oh." Beverly replied.

Goliath started wooing again and Robin said, "Pardon me."

She walked over to the replicator and said, "Computer, Canine Supplement 9."

A bowl of Goliath's food, the moist and meaty supplement, appeared and Robin placed it on the floor as Goliath started munching away at his meal, tail wagging mightily.

"It helps that he's eaten before we start dinner. That way he doesn't beg for table scraps as much." Robin said, "The Malamute diet is simple: 'everything, doesn't discriminate'."

"Interesting breed of dog." Beverly remarked, "So where's Carl?"

"He's still in that meeting with Colonel Kira and Command Strickland. They've been in there since I got off shift over an hour ago."

"So that's why Carl's not in the kitchen with ingredients everywhere and various recipes in various stages of cooking." Beverly said.

"Exactly." Robin said.

"Can I help with setting the table or something?" Beverly asked.

"Sure." Robin said.

"How many place settings?" Beverly asked.

"Seven, in case Wesley decides to make an appearance again." Robin replied.

"I hope that if Wesley does turn up again he and Carl get along a bit better." Beverly remarked.

"I'm sure they'll both be on their best behavior. It has been a few years." Robin replied.


To Be Continued.
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