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Re: In little greenmen, if things worked more with Quarks Fantasy..

Eh, the problem with Quark's fantasy is that, for the most part, Quark himself would have been entirely useless. Rom would have been much more useful.

Quark, although he is accustomed to using the various technologies like replicators and warp drive, he doesn't really know how to produce them. Very few, if any, on this site, would be able to properly explain how to create a car's engine, even though we all probably use motorized vehicles in our daily routines. Other than maybe providing some new cocktails, he'd be out of luck.

Rom, however, is quite skillful as an engineer/mechanic, and would have a better understanding of the fundamentals of how some of the advanced technology operates, and would likely be useful to help decrypt and translate the computer's files as well.
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