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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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I'd already had my reservations on this game, the smaller lot sizes, the "always on" connection. Now this just bites it.
I'm trying to think of an online-based game that didn't have day-one server problems from the rush of downloads and activations ... and I'm having a hard time thinking of one, especially from the Origin platform. I'd have thought that EA would have learned its lesson from the Battlefield 3 debacle, but I imagine that SimCity will settle down in a day or two.

It's not a perfect game (if anything, I think it's over-designed and overly ambitious), but I'm loving the hell out of it ... when the Origin servers decide they actually want to work (it sounds like EA / Maxis didn't do a good job of projecting how GlassBox's resources needs would scale upon wide release). The multiplayer component is great.

bigdaddy wrote:
As soon as i heard that you have to be online (WTF?!?!) I gave up on the game. Maybe in a few years they will get Wil Wright back and Make a true and proper SimCity 5.
Will Wright seems content to be out of the games business, for now ... he certainly made enough money from it. In any event, Maxis brought him in during the beta phase, and he said that he was impressed and approved of the product.
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