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Re: Data and killing

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Firstly, I'd find Fajo's threat more serious if he hadn't just thrown his weapon away. At the time, Fajo was an UNARMED man trying to intimidate Data.

Secondly, the only way that Fajo was able to capture Data was with a sneak attack to incapacitate him. Data isn't going to let ANYONE on that ship close enough to do that again.
Data is already IN captivity. He is a prisoner on someone else's ship, & no one, least of all you or Data know what his capabilities on that ship are. While aboard that ship he is still in a position to threaten lives.
We can figure from past experience with his character that his process of reasoning is sound enough that he's not the kind of person to execute someone without the need, HIM least of all.
And there was no need to do it in this case.
Thank you for not responding to the character point I made. Do you watch every episode as though we have never seen these characters before?
Unless your point is that since Worf and Riker got away with it, Data should as well, I don't see what your point is.

Anyway, the circumstances are different. I'm not talking about why Data should get away with "Perhaps something happened during transport." I'm saying that it never should have happened in the first place. Both Worf and Riker's action can be logically explained by the circumstances. Worf was acting in accordance with Klingon culture, Riker was an inexperienced junior officer who was blinded by loyalty to his captain. I've already given my arguments that Data's actions were not justified.
My point is that Riker & Worf actually did something wrong according Federation law, & because of extenuating circumstances were only minimally reprimanded. Data actually didn't do anything except pull a trigger while in captivity, & yet you began your whole argument by saying
Tiberius wrote: View Post
Data firing at Fajo was a terrible decision. Fajo was unarmed and in no position to threaten Data. Data should have been courtmartialled.
My point was to address the 3rd part of your statement as being unwarranted, seeing how everyone else has torn down both of your other points
Yes, defending everyone from a man who was so shocked at what he'd done that he'd thrown his weapon away and left himself unarmed.
He wasn't shocked at what HE had done. He was shocked by what the weapon did, because he'd never seen it work before on someone. He pointed out shortly after that he had no remorse about it nor any repulsion from doing similar again if he didn't get what he wanted
So? You think Data was going to let Fajo activate some control panel? Call for help from his crew? There are many other ways of stopping Fajo from using his ship as I've already explained.
And every method you've suggested has been put down or can be. Control panel? You've seen TNG before right? You're aware that voice activated technology exists? None of us know what level of control he still has. So throwing cargo containers at a guy who even has his own forcefield is ludicrous
lol, I think we need a role play thing here. You suggest something that Fajo could do, and I'll play Data and try to stop you.
Ok, wtf. "Computer... Activate a maximum strength containment field around Data"

The only reason he maybe hasn't already said it is because he's stupid enough to think Data won't even shoot him, or because if Data tried to use the disruptor in some other fashion, a blast inside a containment field would damage Data... A.K.A. Fajo's rare property
But in any case, a ship full of help? Come on, his crew has just seen him murder one of his closest associates. You really think they're going to help him? More likely, Fajo's going to get a good old, "Screw you. What are you going to do, whip me with harsh language?" And then they'd beat the crap out of him. Killing Varria ensured that his crew would be DISloyal to him. Fahjo would need a weapon to get them to do what he says - and he just threw it away!
So apparently you don't know much about fear coercion. All his crew are already in fear of him. They likely know better than Data how much control he has, & damage he can do. This is why they already follow his orders. A disruptor in his hand is not the only power over them he holds. Varia was clear about that
And as I've said, Data can use the disrupter in non-lethal ways. And he has more assets than just a disrupter. he has the entire contents of the cargo bay he's in!
Throwing furniture at the guy? That's you're big master plan for sparing the life of a murderer who is still a threat? The man has a forcefield of unknown design around him, & is standing aboard a 24th century ship he commands, full of crew who fear him. Seriously, you explain to me how that guy is helpless in the single moment Data has to stop him

Edit: Oh I forgot the point about non-lethal disruptor use. I'm not thinking your plan of firing an energy beam at the bulkheads beneath his feet like bullets in the dirt from a pistol, in some old western is such a good idea aboard a space ship

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