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Re: TOS Caption Contest #270: The Immunity Caption

Kirk: What the devil did you just put in me?

McCoy: Oh, this and that.

Kirk: Care to be more specific, Doctor?

McCoy: Well, let's see. There's Lexorin to alleviate malaise and/or multiple personality disorder. Theragen to deaden nerve inputs to the brain to calm the insane. Tropolisine for hallucinogenic effects. Methohexital, a barbiturate for sedation. Tetrovaline lowers the immune response. Cytoglobin to counter chromoviral infections and arterial aging. Corophizine to prevent secondary infections. The growth hormone Myofibrilin to offset zero gravity. Vertazine for dizziness. And Beano.

Kirk: For...?

McCoy: For the rest of us.

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