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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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If EA wanted to change to formula around and try to modernize SimCity, that's fine. But calling it SimCity, shoehorning in multiplayer and taking out something many considered the best part of the game (the ability to build massive cities) is begging for disappointment from those who wanted a game like the originals, only modernized.
The thing is, though, that market probably doesn't exist anymore, at least not in a large enough fashion for EA, which is in the business of making money, to green-light such an endeavor. The other thing is ... it is SimCity. Original team members have worked on it. Will Wright was impressed by it. It's honestly more of a sequel to the 1989 SimCity than to SimCity 4, but it's still SimCity. Play in Sandbox mode, set up a bunch of different cities within the same region, and boom, you're selling your excess energy and you're attracting tourists and managing your budgets and reticulating splines.

The only way it isn't SimCity is if people had predefined notions of what it was going to be, like "It's not my Star Trek" complaints about J.J. Abrams.
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