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PCs and Gamepads

I'm new to the PC scene after a long absence and I'm not sure what to do for controllers.

I thought to myself, well I have two 360 controllers, why not use these? So since you can't buy them from MS I bought one of those third-party wireless receivers and after setting the driver my USB 3.0 ports went dead under Windows 8. Lovely. Luckily I managed to restore those and managed somehow to get the device working on my front ports.

However, when I do the test option for the controller the triggers don't seem to, er, trigger a button to light. Is that normal? I haven't actually tried it with an actual game yet (that hour or two of wondering if I fried my PC took the wind out of my sails).

What do you guys use? Wireless? Wired 360? Dualshock (bluetooth? does USB work?)? Third-Party? Or what? Any special drivers or anything?
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