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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

J.C. England wrote: View Post
The gaps you're speaking about (if I'm guessing
the right areas) are present on all Bridge sets,
simply because of the way they are built in sections
like slices of a pizza.... If you look close enough to Phase II, Farragut, and even our production, you will see those flaws again... there's no way to make these set pieces perfect, and we really don't want to, to keep them somewhat "authentic".
Actually, after we built our 360 degree bridge set, the seams between each of the bridge stations/sections were bonded over entirely before the set was painted. If you run your hand along the console, say, from Uhura's station, all the way to Spock's station, and over to the Navigation and Weaons Subsystems stations, it's as smooth as glass all the way around with no seams at all.

The advantages are that it looks great--especially since we shoot in high definition. No cracks or seams show because, well, there are none. The disadvantes are that none of the segments are "wild" and they can't be moved. We are locked into one room, for good are bad, and some of the more interesting views used on TOS we just can't get. Also, if we ever need to move the bridge, we need to bust up the bondoing at each station--sort of like busting through a wall. It's a trade-off.
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