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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

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Well, with Levar and JJ, there's only one of them I like.

And it's funny how some fans are okay when Levar slammed Insurrection and Nemesis, but get annoyed when slamming JJ. Don't see what makes JJ untouchable.
I don't think anyone's saying he isn't entitled to be critical of Abrams or ST09. But this particular criticism just isn't valid. He keeps talking as if Abrams made TNG go away. He didn't.

To tell the gospel truth, when or if the time is ever ripe and TOS-Trek takes off as a movie franchise (maybe even with recasted characters), who's to say a new Trek TV show couldn't be a reboot of TNG? I'd be down with that. In my opinion, it'd be a better idea than yet another "new" (but really derivative) version of Trek joining the franchise.
The idea of rebooting TNG makes me shudder.....just make a new series, and stop rehashing stuff over and over and over. And people ask me why I stopped watching mainstream TV or go to the films anymore since it's all nothing but remake, remake, remake. I can just picture whatever hack they hire to make it hire someone like Vin Diesel as Picard or Colin Ferrel as Riker......~shudders~
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