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All they need to do is write for more of them in NuTrek. The movie isn't out yet and they are edging towards increasing female involvement by having two (gasp) prominent women. There should be more and indeed there may be more that we don't know about. We'll have to wait and see. I'm willing to bet there is still a ratio of 2:1 in speaking roles and half those women will be primarily wife/mother/girlfriend/sex object roles.
Another problem is that Trek movies are already have overly large casts. With the Abrams series, you have the 7 principal TOS characters (or 8 if you include Pike) plus a villain plus additional "guest stars" (characters like Sarek and Nero's henchman in XI, Carol Marcus and whoever Peter Weller is playing in STID). Just trying to service all the principal characters is difficult enough, hell the TNG movies never really pulled that off. Add into the mix of introducing a villain and developing them, and this becomes quite a juggling act indeed. I'd say story concerns and just trying to appease the actors under contract are the deciding factor here.
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