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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I read the first six issues. It was garbage, especially the art (the greek gods have never looked stupider).
You lost me completely.

Cliif Chiang's art on Wonder Woman has been nothing short of absolutely gorgeous.
The story isn't the worst of the New 52, but it was bad. I also HATE the "Wonder Woman is from an island, so she gets confused about the real world" stuff
None of that has been in Wonder Woman at all. There was some of it in Justice League but that was before Lee's departure and the subsequent improvement of the book.

Some were just offensively bad (like Teen Titans and Red Hood and The Outlaws, which I actually stayed with out of curiosity much longer than I should have).
Ok, I will actually agree with you on those. Both of those book have been pretty terrible. Starfire in particular has been almost ruined. Tim is a favorite character of mine, and I really think he deserves a better book than the wretched Teen Titans. Remember when that was practically DC's flagship book? What the hell happened?
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