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In that case, we are talking at cross purposes. I agree that it is ridiculous to say that the people behind those shows are unwilling or unable to write about women as more than sex objects or set dressing. I moan precisely because they ARE capable of doing better. It is true to say that they have not lived up to those standards in this franchise yet.

But it's also true to say they don't write the comics and the people that do have also not lived up to those standards in this franchise yet.
Well, that's just what I've been saying all along.

Although I still disagree with you about M:I:III. I've rarely seen such a delightful subversion of macho heroic expectations as the final act of that film. (And I want to make it clear that I'm not including the first two M:I films in my praise. In my opinion, only the third and fourth M:I films are any good.)
The latter two movies were better, I agree, although the first one had some great set pieces in the middle of the film. In that vein though, Nancy Travis's heroine in the Vanishing scores more highly for me.
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