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Re: Data and killing

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All I have to say about this is, how exactly are you supposed to force someone to do something if you have no power over them? Data could not physically touch Fajo, so he couldn't push him into the escape pod. And if Fajo doesn't believe Data would shoot him, why would he do what Data asked under threat of being shot? No one is going to do something against their will without a reason to. If Data couldn't shoot Fajo and couldn't physically touch him then he has no way to force Fajo to do anything.
I've already explained the many options Data has. Shoot the floor near Fajo's feet, that will get him moving. Pick up big heavy things and throw them so Fajo has to move to avoid injury. Hell, Data could probably throw someting accurately enough to smash the anti-android thing on Fajo's belt! You saw how good he was with the dice in "The Royale"!

As for fighting the crew, at that point, Data couldn't shoot any of the crew any more than he could shoot Fajo, the disruptor would be useless. Yes, Data is exceptional at hand-to-hand combat but Fajo had a total of four of those disruptors. Data had one, another was on the floor, and two more were off somewhere on the ship. While Data was fighting off the crew Fajo would undoubtedly call in, Fajo could grab the one off the floor or go find one of the other two.
As I've said, Data has other methods to incapacitate Fajo.

Who would the crew obey, Data who could only physically attack them or Fajo who was his disruptor?
This depends on Fajo getting his disrupter.

But then once Fajo had his hands on another gun Data would have had to comply with Fajo's demands given his threat to kill more of his crew and wouldn't be able to put up a fight against the crew. I am not convinced that Data could have persuaded the crew to join him when Fajo had his disruptor. The crew would basically be hearing "definitely die at Fajo's hand right now or possibly maybe be killed by Fajo at some unknown point in the future." Data really only had one choice and he made it.
All of which depends on Fajo getting his hands on another weapon, something which Data can prevent.
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