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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Watched The Ambassadors of Death last night. It was long, but I like this one. Is it padded? Sure, but it holds up pretty well.

The color restoration was better than the VHS release by leaps and bounds. It certainly wasn't quite as good as the full-color Episode 1, and there was color bleed at times (especially on Liz's hair and the Brig's uniform) but considering how much work went into restoring this serial, I think it's a pretty minor issue overall.

The commentary was great. It was nice to hear the different perspectives at different points throughout the episode. Usually I like hearing the same folks across the entire serial, but with one this long, I think swapping people in and out worked better. And it was especially great to hear Caroline John and Nick Courtney. Here's hoping that the RT got Caroline to record a commentary for the Inferno SE.
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