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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I can understand what you're saying. But, I hate everything he's done since Batman begins (and that movie was not good, just not terrible). Its a trend that hasn't changed, he hasn't gotten any better. So, its not hard to say what I've said about MoS, because of how badly I hate his work. Its like how I hate spicy food. I've always disliked spicy food, and it doesn't matter if you make it in a different way or what it is, I still hate it. Nolan's like that. I hate his work and the way he does things. No matter what skin you put on it, its still nolan's work.
Since Nolan was only the producer do you know how much infleunce he had on making the film?
Every producer of MoS worked on TDK and Rises. The writer of MoS wrote TDK and Rises. Its not just Nolan, its his whole crew of idiots. Even a great director couldn't fight this much influence from TDK and Rises.
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