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Re: Spolier - - - Pic of the new version***-******* for series 7

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Jeez, fans. Change the design, they bitch. Stick as close to the original design as they can, they bitch louder.
Believe me, I'm as puzzled as you are.

When I saw the image, I thought, "Fans should be thrilled with this! Dang close to the original design. Yeah, the 'beer gut' was trimmed down and the center of gravity lifted to form more imposing pectoral plating, but that's a good thing, right? And, true, they veered away from the 'Satan's Robot' pincers, going instead with a 3 digit hand, but it looks substantially thick and armored. Surely they'll forgive that accomodation?"

I guess not.


I'm not a classic fan. I got into the series through the reboot and (in retrospect) the 90s movie. The 'classic' designs hold no extra charm for me just because they recall something familiar. This looks just as cheesy and "man in suit" as the old ones. Yes they added some variation on the surface detailing and got rid of the pincers, but that doesn't make it any more convincing. The old design at least had the appearance of being somewhere between armor and an organic carapace which emphasized their 'alien-ness'. This just looks like a guy in reptilian-styled armor, and the helmet (the worst part of either version) still looks stupid.
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