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Re: Kenney Pens Trek Experience Book

Since I always preferred character actors to leads, I've no real objections to a good one's autobiography. Lance Henriksen, among others, wrote a compelling and comprehensive one. And William Schallert's had a great career, so his entire experiences would make a good read. Beverly Washburn probably won't have to write ''Stupid Place to Hang a Mirror'' since she's already written about her total acting experiences.

But Kenney I know for sitting and beeping in one TV show, and overacting in a guilty-pleasure exploitation film. The 372nd best film of all time, yes, but still not the most prestigious. So it seems quite a stretch he'd have a bookworth of material from just those two roles. And it's giving me all sorts of horrible similar fictional bios from classic TREK bit players....

One thing's for sure. We'll never get to read ''I Ate Chicken Soup in the Transporter Room'' as Hal Baylor has passed away years ago.
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