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Re: Paramount and CBS teaming for TV production

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Enterprise apparently cost between $1 and $2 million per episode. Certainly, a few television actors command that salary per episode -- but on programs with much higher ratings that bring in a lot more revenue than a ratings-loser. Most dramas produced from 2001-2005 guessed it, between $1 and $2 million per episode.
Exactly..though in the 90s and early 2000s a few actors made in the $2 million range and more (I believe Charlie Sheen was the last to make $2 mill per episode), comparable to Enterprise's over pattern budget. Today shows that cost that much always are aired to lower viewership, so a ST show could do well in such an atmosphere.

From what I recall, STNG: $1.3 million-1.5 million; DS9: $1.5 million; ST Voyager: $1.5 million-$1.7 million; ST Enterprise: 1.5-1.7 million. However all the producers claimed that the comparable budgets were better utilized as they learned more from production in later years, which accounts for the improvement in the visual quality.
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