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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

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Fans were pleased as those polled by gave it an encouraging A-.
What does this even mean? What's the science behind this statement?

Is it referring to a scientific poll of the general audience who saw the film, and then is that A- an amalgamation of the grades assigned by those polled who self-identified as Star Trek fans? If that's what it was, then what was the grade assigned by everybody else?

Or what?

Link, please?
The post is self-explanatory no? I thought everyone knew what cinemascore was. Don't get in a huff because you were proven wrong.
Actually, I wasn't found to be wrong. As per the discussion, CinemaScore provides no data to support what Star Trek fans in general thought about Nemesis. It only measures audience reaction on opening night.

Further research indicates that CinemaScore uses its score to predict box office returns for the film. Their results are behind a pay-wall, so we can't know whether their prediction was accurate in the case of Nemesis.

They also acknowledge that crowds on opening night tend to rank movies more favorably than at other times. That's another reason why your statement, that people who saw the film liked it, isn't an accurate statement. That may have been true on opening night, but we have no data for audiences on other days.

Given the existence of other data indicating an overall negative reaction to the film, the fact that CinemaScore claims that opening night ratings are skewed high, and the fact that the movie tanked, there's reason to doubt that veracity of the claim that "people who saw it liked it." discusses how the score is used to predict returns and how ratings are skewed high on opening night. demonstrates that most tickets sold for the film domestically were not on opening night. Further evidence of Nemesis bombing at the box office can be found there. provides evidence of a negative critical reaction, and nonscientific evidence of negative audience reaction.
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