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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I think the justification is that Picard feels the need to show Q that they're ready for anything. It does kill the tension completely, though, and it's a pretty thin rationalisation. It's clear almost from the start that the Enterprise is completely outgunned and even if Picard is trying to show off, surely someone else would at least suggest just high-tailing it.
Picard had thought they had damaged the Cube enough to not have to worry about it. It was Picard simply being being stupidly arrogant and overconfident, exactly what Q accused humans of being earlier in the episode.
Pretty much, at least RUN while you have the conference....its just killed 18 of your people. Sheesh.

I kind of felt this way at first but I had access to more knowledge than Picard..who knew the Borg would not give off a hint of the regenerating of ship and hive.
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