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Useful links and sites

This topic is intended to keep a list of useful sites for people wishing to design and build their own sites. If you wish, suggest some links and what they are about and I'll edit them into the first post. I'll try and arrange them into catagories as best I can when we have enough.

If you have any useful tips as well, feel free to add them.

Message Board Solutions
PhpBB-Free (Top pick)
Invision Power Board-Free and licensed uses available
UBB-Free and licensed uses available
Vbulletin-Owned and leased licensing
PHPDEV-Used to create a local apache/server environment locally on your computer for use in setting up a test board.

Basic Web Design Tutorials : Excellent for beginners

Web Design Applications
Outfront Forums : A great resource for all those FrontPage users

Graphics : Free powerful image editor. There's a significant learning curve for it, but there's a free online book. : Free online image editor paint program.
A square Image-For creating square avatars

Free Fonts
Da Font : *Huge* archive of fonts divided into catagories
Larabie fonts : Massive archive of fonts listed A-Z
Star Trek Fonts : Many racial fonts from Trek

Macromedia Flash Components : Everything there is to know about Macromedia Flash, including tutorials, graphics, samples, sound loops, fonts, etc : Everything there is to know about ActionScript and Flash in general, with tutorials, and an excellent troubleshooting forum resources for tutorials, etc.

Advanced Web Programming tutorials & downloads (JAVA, ASP, PHP, etc.) : Huge database of articles which includes net programming (ASP, PHP, etc.) : PHP everything there is to know about PHP : Thousands of PHP scripts, documentation, etc : Website which has great tutorials, examples, and quizes on everything from basic HTML, ASP, PHP, and more
Dynamic Drive : A site with lots of nifty scripts that you may want to add to your website.
JavaScript Source : JAVAScript Source

Image hosting
Image Shack
Photo Bucket
Image Uploader

Trek-related Pages : Useful tools and space related info


Free-webhosts-List of free webhosting, sites and pics.
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