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I'm not ignoring the contribution of the women they do have; I'm just saying that a well written smurfette doesn't mean that a movie scores well on the equality front.
And what I'm hearing is that you've pre-emptively made up your mind that these creators are sexist and will find a way to twist or dismiss any evidence to the contrary, even though there is abundant evidence to the contrary. That's every bit as unfair and prejudiced as the sexism you claim to be protesting. And yes, you absolutely are ignoring the contribution of the women in M:I:III, if you think you can dismiss them with a term like "Smurfette."
Apparently the Smurfette principle is a real thing! It refers to the tendency of movies to have a single high profile female character as a love interest among a sea of men. I do agree that things have improved somewhat but this isn't all or nothing - there are degrees of sexism. The degree of sexism in nuTrek is currently greater than it could be.

I do try to give credit where it is due and MI isn't as sexist as say the Expendables but in the context of the comics to date, they have fallen into the predictable sexist traps of making far more supporting cast members men to a very noticeable degree. I applaud their use of an all-female security team in one issue but yeah, I still think they can do much much better. I want to see it on screen!

And it's not that I've made my mind up, it's more that I was so disappointed with their efforts in the first movie that I'd rather keep my expectations low and be pleasantly surprised.
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