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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I'm assuming it means Superman will now be more like the Punisher, going around without the "chains" of morality and just killing people. Since this is the grim and gritty New 52, and Snyder sucks, its either than or it will start a storyline setting up a super long crossover where superman will fight one of the new 52's 500 secret, never before seen organisations that will beat Superman up and prove that, in the end, he's a wimpy crybaby (In case you can't tell, I think Court of Owls is the worst Batman crossover ever, and really hate Snyder). But, I suppose you really can't ruin the character anymore then they already have. The shippers have already taken over and started writing their Superman/Wonder Woman fanfic in the comics, his main book is about as interesting as watching grass grow so you really can't do anything more to Superman. I just wish they'd stop beating his dead body.
I'm sensing a pattern, here. Do you just hate everything that the majority of other people like? With you it's been Snyder sucks, Johns sucks, Nolan sucks. Who exactly do you like?
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