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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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They'd have to fire Nolan, then rewrite and reshoot the movie. Just from that review, it seems to be reeking of Nolan. Since I think he's a talentless hack who made the worst superhero film I've ever seen, I am definately going to hate everything he does, and MoS looks to be his movie, regardless of the fact that he's not the director. I mean, every producer (according to wikipedia) worked with nolan on his horrible Batman movies, and the writer wrote TDK (and Rises). They literally just took everyone who worked on one of my most hated movies and put them on MoS. I can't have an open mind about this movie. Its made by people whose work I have hated in the past. The only way I could hate it more is if Abrams and the writers who wrote Transformers/Star Trek 2009 were involved. So, no I can't have a more open mind about this movie.
I certainly cannot change your mind. For me I like to go into a movie with an open mind. I just never have hated a director to the degree you feel toward Nolan.

Going into a movie already hating it is the very definition of prejudice, prejudgement, and I just don't want to have prejudices toawrd things. Not good for my mind or soul.
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